Application Season

Recently the looming graduation date has been a very constant reminder that I am about to enter the work force. This means that my homeowrk for the last few weeks has been application after application. At first I focused on paid internships for the summer, because most of the entry level positions available in the publishing industry ask for publishing experience. The best way I could solve this problem was to apply for internships. from the paid internships I have progressed to applying for unpaid internships just for the experience. Now I am also looking for entry level jobs listed on the internet. For those interested in publishing jobs and internships I would like to share a rather helpful web site, This web site lists both internships and job postings that can be searched by the area that you would like to work in. The only catch with this web site is that the viewer has to be conscious of the possibility that the posting is no longer viable. The way to avoid postings that are inactive is to look for dates. If the title has a date than that’s great. If it does not the viewer needs to look for the date posted and if it is recent than the post is active. Be very wary of the word “Ongoing” in any of the postings. This, most often, means that the post has been filled. Thanks again for listening and I wish all those looking for a job in this economy good luck, including myself.