Four Year Graduation Plan

Four Year Graduation Plan

Eastern Connecticut State University
Academic Advisement Center


Amanda Weikel                                                                                                                                     October 9, 2010

Major: English

Minor: Communication (concentration in photography)

Year: Junior

GPA: 3.52

1. First-year:
Semester One: Studio Art Introduction, Art History II: 1400 to present, Human Biology Lecture, College Writing, Introduction to Literature.  GPA: 3.60

Semester Two: Foundations of Health and Wellness, Calculus I, Nonverbal Communications, Introduction to Sociology, Designing for the Stage. GPA: 3.73                     CUMULATIVE: 3.67

2. Sophomore:
Semester One: Human Biology Lab, Animal World, Writing for English Majors, Introduction to Web Development, Psychology of Gender, Class Percussion IGPA: 3.13       CUMULATIVE GPA: 3.48

Semester Two: Photography I, Reading and Writing Argument, 20th Century Woman Writers, Literature of New England, Western Civilization Since 1500 GPA: 3.55                   CUMULATIVE GPA: 3.50

3. Junior:
Semester One: Digital Photography, Adolescent Literature, Shakespeare’s Tragedies, Introduction to Creative Writing, Native American Literature GPA: 3.62                               CUMULATIVE GPA: 3.52

Semester Two: Rhetorical Theory/Criticism, American Literature from 1865, Introduction to English Studies, Introduction to Mass Communication, Independent Study, Contemporary Fiction GPA: 3.72                               CUMULATIVE GPA: 3.62

b. Writing Portfolio requirement must be completed.
This can be fulfilled by submitting four of your best “graded” papers to the English Department. Some majors (i.e. ENG, HIS and BIO) have designated a course which will also fulfill this requirement. Students who transferred in 75 or more credits are waived from this requirement.

4. Senior:
Semester One: Visual Journals and Bookmaking, Crash Course in a Novel (Part 1), Writing for Children and Young Adults, Literary Publishing GPA: 3.88                              CUMULATIVE GPA: 3.53

Semester Two: Romantic Period, Children’s Literature, Digital Illustration and Page Layout, Crash Course in a Novel (Part 2) GPA: 3.76                                           CUMULATIVE GPA: 3.61



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