Art 100 Studio Art Introduction

Course Description:

This course will explore the creative process of studio art. Development of ideas through studio art projects will generate problem solving in image making. Essential terms will provide the student with the language to critique and discuss works of art.


This course did not contribute to my goals mentioned in the mission statement. Like I have already stated at the opening page of this semester, these classes were more about getting my tier classes out of the way and finding myself. After taking this class I realized that although I loved to paint, I could never be an actual art major. I also realized just how basic a course could get. In this course we started by cutting out construction paper and gluing it to white paper, drawing lines, and learning how to draw a box without shading. Although I enjoyed the low stress environment, I felt I learned very little from this course and that it felt like a small waste of my time.

Final Grade: A

Credits: 3.00


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