Bio 202 Human Biology Lecture

Course Description:

An introduction to basic concepts related to the structure and function of molecules, cells, tissues, and organ-systems of the human body. The application of the scientific method to the study of human and animal models in health and disease will also be discussed. Three hour lecture per week.


I took this class to cover both the tier I Natural sciences and the requirement to have a science with a lab, which I completed in a later semester. I found that I didn’t learn too much in this class that I hadn’t learned in high school biology. My professor made it very hard for anyone to fail because she gave the opportunity for a person to get many grades throughout the semester. Although this was nice for days that I might not have done as well as other days, I found the inundation of worksheets and small quizzes to be a waste of paper and time.

Final Grade: B

Credits: 3.00


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