Eng 100 College Writing

Course Description:

In this course, students learn to write expository essays – to focus, organize, develop, and revise a paper; to use evidence to support their judgments; to write for readers; to think critically about what they read, see and hear; to observe the conventions of standard written English. The course also includes instruction in research, documentation of sources, and use of library materials.


This was the most influential and important class I took in this semester and possibly my whole college career. This was the class made me considering choosing English as my major and eventually my career. The professor inspired me that my writing was good enough and that I could make a career out of it. She took the time to give me real feedback and showed me everything you could do with an English degree. As a class this is required from all students, but it became much more to me than just another general education class.

Final Grade: A-

Sample Assignments

Credits: 3.00


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