Bio 305 Animal World

Course Description:

Prerequisite: LAC student with T1NS course or GER student

The world of animals from microscopic forms to large mammals. With common names used wherever possible, the general biology of each animal group will be covered. Consideration will be given to how humans and the animals in each group interact; e.g., organisms that cause human disease, animals as human food, poisonous animals, domestic animals. Three hours lecture per week.


I took this class to complete a tier 2 course. I went into it thinking it would be about lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!), but found that it was much more basic. We made our way from sponges through fish and all the way to crustaceans, which were my professor’s real interest. I did learn how to do scientific research, which would come in handy if I ever find myself editing a scientific textbook. I also learned how to do APA style, which came in handy in other classes.

Final Grade: B-

Sample Assignment:

Credits: 3.00


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