Fall 2011

This semester is the beginning of the end as some may call it, but to me it is the beginning of a brand new adventure. This semester offers many challenges as well as leisure. I have successfully cut my workload down to twelve to fifteen credits for the next two semesters due to the over achieving that I have done in the last few years of college. I only require 23 more credits to graduate and six of which can be used on electives. So while I have made my schedule to accommodate more leisure time to be used for exercising and other betterment activities I have also signed up for an ongoing challenge in the next year.

For my senior seminar I have chosen to enroll in a “Crash Course in a Novel”. This seminar is a year long seminar and will require an 80 to 120 page novella. This presents an ongoing challenge of creating plots, meaningful characters, and breathtaking settings with the guidance of Professor Christopher Torockio. I am both excited and frightened by the challenge. Along with this seminar I will be taking two classes towards my writing minor that accentuation the field of publishing that I dream of joining. The first is Literary Publishing, which will help introduce me to the business that I intend to join, The second is Writing for Children and Young Adults. This I chose because it acts to further my knowledge of the genre I would like to specialize in.


GPA: 3.60


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