Com 120 Television Production I

Course Description:

An introduction to the fundamentals of studio television production. Course emphasizes multi-camera production techniques and procedures.


This class was originally included in my schedule because the time fit perfectly and I needed another communication class to finish off my minor, but it ended up being a lot of fun. I found it very interesting to learn about all the people and equiptment needed to operate a television studio. I especially enjoyed working in the control room, because I got to see the whole picture from there and I also got to see exactly what would be broadcasted (if we ever did broadcast anything that is). I also loved the hands on projects. I found that everything we had been talking about made a lot more sense when I actually got to use them. All in all I found I really enjoyed this class and am extremely glad that I took it. Who knows maybe one day I will do something that will allow me to appear on television and if that happens I can actually say that I know what is going on behind the camera.

Final Grade: A-

Credits: 3.00


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