Eng 309 Writing for Children and Young Adults

Course Description:

Prerequisite:ENG 100 & a 100-or 200-level Literature Course

This course takes a workshop approach and covers the process of writing for children and young adults, form birthing new ideas through exercises, to developing concepts into age-appropriate literary forms, to writing, critiquing, and revising fron editorial suggestions. Students will also learn how the children’s publishing business operates.


This course was taken to go towards my writing minor and my interests in general. Writing for young adults has always been a preference of mine and I have even work on a longer piece of young adult fiction with the same professor who teaches this course. I found that the assignments for children were the most challenging. It is not as easy to write through the perspective of a child as I thought it would be and writing within the genre is even harder. Although these assignments were challenging I learned a lot and it made me want to learn more so for spring 2012 I will be taking Children’s Literature to delve deeper in the genre than this writing class could.

Final Grade: A-

Credits: 3.00

Sample Assignments:


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