Eng 383 Literary Publishing

Course Description:

Pre-requisiste: ENG 100 and a 100 or 200-Level Literature Course

This course presents an overview of the entire literary publishing process. In workshops that simulate today’s various types of magazines and book publishing houses, students will learn to read as editors and evaluate manuscripts, copy edit, proofread, and write copy for jackets, catalogs, and ads. Related areas to be covered include publishing history, negotiating with authors, agents, sub-rights, marketing, publicity, and distribution.


This was my first experience with an online class and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved the fact that the entire semester’s assignments and material was available to the student. This allowed me to not only avoid procrastination but to get ahead. I also found that the material was very interesting and I liked that it covered most of the creative aspects of editing as well as some of the business aspects. The projects were very fun because they were similar to what someone working in a publishing company would be creating.I would heartily recommend this class to anyone who is even slightly interested in working with or in the book publishing industry.

Final Grade: A

Credits: 3.00

Sample Assignments:


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