Lap 130 Nonverbal Communications

Course Description:

Explores nonverbal communication in multiple contexts, including leisure and workplace settings. Focus on the role of gestures, facial expressions, use of space and time, clothing, and other environmental influences on expression. Students will become skilled senders of nonverbal communication and will perform systematic data collection in naturalistic settings.


This course was originally taken because it covered my liberal arts colloquium requirement. The reason I picked this one over the other colloquium courses was that it would help me in interacting with people in general. I learned about body language, hand shakes, expressions, first impressions, and the effect of time on everyday situations. this course was also a four credit course, because it included outside lab time that had to be recorded with camcorders that were provided to us. This class also included weekly journals and a presentation that was given in the Excellence Expo held every year in the spring. I found that I was much more aware of the signals that I was putting out to people without saying a word. Also I find that this class is applicable now that I know what I want to do. It has already affected the way I go into an interview, and since taking that class I have gotten two jobs on campus and an internship.

Final Grade: A

Sample Assignments:

  • Journals
  1. The Surprising Truth of a “Telling off”
  2. Proxemics between Roommates
  3. Proxemics in Hurley Hall
  4. Six Inches that Make a World of Difference

Credits: 4.00


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