Soc 100 Introduction to Sociology

Course Description:

Note: SOC 100 is required of all majors. An introduction to sociological concepts and their application to the analysis of social behavior. Major areas of emphasis are socialization of the individual, groups, culture, social interaction, social structure, and social change.


I took this course because it covered a tier for me and I didn’t think I would like PSY 100. The professor I took it with did not suit my learning style so I didn’t like the class as much as I thought I would. The class used a textbook that was written by the professor, so I found that most of his lectures would be almost word to word from the textbooks. This made it difficult for me to pay attention to the class when I did the reading the night before. I did find a one of our topics especially interesting; the “myth” of spitting on Vietnam Veterans. We read an entire book about how this was a myth that was generated to create indignation in the public and support for the war and our soldiers. The most interesting part of this subject was the complete shock of the class, who had grown up hearing about these stories from grandfathers. So while the class was interesting in some parts, I didn’t really walk away with anything of significance.

Final Grade: B+

Credits: 3.00


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