Com 210 Photography One

Course Description:

An introduction to the topic with a historical overview of discoveries leading to photographic technology; from the earliest to current digital imaging. This course is for an absolute beginner but is also information rich for students with experience.  Lab demonstrations focus on learning the properties of light and exposure, comprehension of technical skills and visual perception using traditional darkroom techniques (wet chemistry).  Digital photography and camera function is covered in lecture analogous to film camera/darkroom concepts. Composition theory and visual communication are emphasized.  Digital lecture/labs include use of and ECSU student ePortfolio instruction.


This class had a very large impact on my life. I found that this class not only made it possible for me to be hired as the photo lab assistant, but also introduced me to a new love. I loved to watch as a blank piece of paper slowly forms an image from a moment that was fleeting but could now be seen forever. I was fascinated by the process and the possibility to capture a moment forever. I was so fascinated that I ended up spending anywhere between 10 and 20 hours in the darkroom weekly just for fun. I walked away from that class with a job and the new ability to really notice and appreciate the beautiful moments around me. I also noticed an improvement in my writing when it came to descriptions.

Final Grade: A

Photo Essay: Taekwondo


"Logo" This is the opening piece in my photo essay, because it displays the topic very plainly.


"Flags Reflected" This photo utilizes the mirrors in the dojang for an extra effect, and this photo also represents the Korean culture (Korean flag) where the art of Taekwondo started and the American culture (American flag) where the students live.


"Blurred Impact" This is an action photo taken of a pair that is sparring during class and preparing for the upcoming tournament.



"Jump Front Kick"


"Paired Performers" This is Robert Morgan again and his forms partner Lindsey Cassarino. They are doing team forms at the Battle of Champions.


"A Winner in Training" This is a photo of my sister, Brianna Weikel, wearing her freshly won gold medal at the Battle of Champions.

Double Exposure


This was one of my favorite photos I took.

Sepia Toning


This was my attempt at sepia toning and I ended up loving this photo.

Credits: 4.00


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