Eng 200 Reading and Writing Argument

Course Description:

Prerequisite: ENG 100 Or ENG 100P Or Placement At This Level

Note: In order to enroll, the student must have been placed in this course by the English Department, or have taken ENG 100 or ENG 100P. If placed in this course by the English Department the course meets the LAC College Writing requirement; if the student has taken ENG 100 or ENG 100P, the course is an elective.
An advanced composition course in which students develop strategies for analyzing and writing arguments. Students will learn to produce different genres of argument for different audiences and to use research to advance and support an argument.


I took this class mostly because it was being taught by the same professor that I had in College Writing. This professor may be the one that had the most influence on my decision to become an English major and to pursue my dreams of being an editor and eventually an author. Just like in College Writing the professor introduced me to new and exciting forms of persuasive writing. I also enjoyed the fact that this class was all about rhetorical and persuasive writing. This meant that while I did still need to use facts and sources, the bulk of the papers would be all about my thoughts and opinions. This let me be free to a certain extent in my writing for this class. I also found this class to be helpful to my career goals, because it had a big focus on cover letters, which are what will set a resume apart in a large stack.

Final Grade: B+

Sample Assignments:

Credits: 3.00


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