Eng 357 20th Century Woman Writers

Course Description:

Prerequisite:ENG100 and a 100 or 200-level literature course

Addresses the works of such modern women writers as Woolf, Wharton, Cather, Lessing, Morrison, A. Walker, Atwood, Silko, Hong Kingston, and others.


This was another course that I took to fill up my English requirements. I enjoyed a few of the works, but found that the idea of feminism seemed almost forced down our throats. I wished we could have focused more on themes, writing styles, and other elements of writing instead of always talking about how much the female protagonists suffered at the hands of the patriarchal society. I walked away from this class with a few novels I liked and the knowledge that One more requirement was done. Later in life this class might be able to help me edit a more feminist book.

Final Grade: B+

Sample Assignments:

Credits: 3.00


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