His 231 Western Civilization Since 1500

Course Description:

Prerequisite:LAC student with T1A, T1LT, T1H or T1SS course or GER student

An introduction to the development of Western culture, ideas, religion, and political organization from the Reformation to the 20th century.


This was the very last tier requirement that I needed. I chose this class because it addressed a time period that I was already very interested in; the time of the Tudors. The Tudors were a ruling family in England between the years of 1485 and 1603. This family was full of intrigue and drama; most of that centered around King Henry VIII and his wives and two daughters. I thoroughly enjoy historical fiction books about these historical figures, so it was cool to learn about the real people behind all those fictional accounts. The class itself was given at a good pace and I got to learn many interesting things. I also think that the information I learned in this class would definitely become useful if I ever have the pleasure of editing a historical fiction novel about this time period.

Final Grade: A

Sample Assignments:

Credits: 3.00


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