Com 100 Introduction to Mass Communication

Course Description:

This course grounds students within the study of social science through a historical and cultural analysis of mass communication. Students will gain knowledge and acquire tools for thinking critically about the process of media creation and the influence of media on individuals and society, including the economic, political, and cultural systems and institutions. Knowledge of theories and methods of the social sciences including social construction of media and how the media help us to socially construct our world are emphasized.


I took this class because it was a requirement for my communication minor. I ended up learning a lot of history and some of the major overarching themes of the world of mass communication. I also felt that this is a very necessary class to have in the communication minor because it can help you decide on your concentration. For me this class cemented my choice in a photography concentration because none of the other mediums stood out to me.

Final Grade: B+

Credits: 3.00

Sample Assignments:


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