Eng 202 Introduction to English Studies

Course Description:

This course will introduce beginning English majors to the different disciplines–literature, composition/ rhetoric, linguistics, creative writing–that comprise the field of “English” and to the major issues, debates, and controversies that drive English study in the 21st Century.


This course is slowly but surely making its way through the major components of the field of English. As we move through periodization, I find myself leaning towards both the romantic movement and the Victorian period. I love the natural movement and images of the romantics, and the restraint and refinement of the Victorian writers. But periodization is only one part of what we learned in this class. The other units included literary theory, linguistics, rhetoric/composition, and creative writing. The professor did a good job of taking us through the last four units at a good pace and made sure that we were absorbing it with response papers and quizzes.

Final Grade: B+

Credits: 3.00

Sample Assignments:


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