Eng 213 American Literature from 1865

Course Description:

From 1865 to the present. Major writers often included are Whitman, Dickinson, Clemens, James, Adams, Chopin, Dreiser, Frost, Cummings, Ellison.


This course featured three anthologies that took us through slave narratives all the way to people like Langston Hughes and Faulkner. This meant that we did not read one full length novel from this time period but instead read short stories and chapters from various novels. I found that I did not like this approach that much, because it took away from some of the works that I thought required a more thorough look. Besides that though, this class covered many years in a short timespan which I definitely appreciate. I think that this knowledge could be very helpful in the publishing world because in order for a publishing house to know where the next fad in writing is going they have to first know where writing has been over the years.

Final Grade: A-

Credits: 3.00

Sample Assignments:


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