Eng 371 Rhetorical Theory/Criticism

Course Description:

Prerequisite: ENG100 and a 100 or 200-level literature course

This course provides an overview of rhetorical theory and practice and engages students in critical (rhetorical) analysis of literary and cultural works. Participants in the class will explore the role of rhetoric in the construction of arguments, the communication of ideas, and the creation of knowledge.


I found this class to be highly enjoyable and was calling it one of my favorites by the second week of classes. Every class we would have a combination of lecture and activity. We would start by going over the reading from the night before and a quiz and then we would APPLY this to a text or image. It is this act of application that fascinated me because I soon found myself noticing rhetoric devises while going through my own life outside of class. I also liked that certain devises like universal terms, I statements, Imagery, and Credibility devices could be assigned a type and then the entire speech could be broken down into a chart and graph. This systematic grouping fascinated me because I had always thought of writing as an organic process not a series of tools.

Final Grade: A

Credits: 3.00

Sample Assignments:


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