Eng 480 Independent Study: Researching, Writing, and Editing the Beginning of an Young Adult Novel

Course Description:

  • School’s Version: Research and writing in an appropriate topic with a member of the department.
  • My Version: The objectives of this project is to experience and improve on my researching, editing and writing abilities by beginning a Young Adult novel about a female teenager with Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). In order to achieve this I will be researching from young adult novels, autobiographies, psychology articles and case studies, and adult novels that will give me an insight into the mind of a person with MPD and help me with writing in the genre of young adult novels.  By the end of this project I will have the starting chunk to my young adult novel that is thoroughly edited.


This experience is meant to not only give me a glimpse into the life of a writer, but it is also meant to be preparation for my upcoming Senior Seminar: Crash Course in a Novel. While I do not have the unrealistic goal of finishing a novel in one semester I do intend on giving an excellent first effort at a beginning of a novel. I also intend on learning a lot about researching and how to organize my thoughts about the material I read. Finally I will have a taste of the editorial business by working with my first draft and editing it into a second draft.  As a side note, I will be putting all my work on this portfolio into the following sub pages:

Final Grade: A

Credits: 3.00


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