This is the page that I will be using to organize my thoughts during the writing process very much like I did during the researching process. As I wander through the maze of the character’s lives in the story I will be trying my best to make notes on any problems or processes that I have. I will also be commenting on any parts of the story that are turning out to my liking.

Favorite Passages of Draft

“For me this meant a way to mark every second that passed in my life and have concrete evidence that these seconds had existed and meant something to the overall picture.”

“That was when I felt the wooden desk below my fingers and I smelled the rancid banana breath of the aging rhinoceros in front of me by the name of Ms. Randall.”

“It seemed that this year’s jock models all consisted of football player types. They all have sandy hair, straight teeth, and a little too much bulk for my tastes. As they all jostled each other like baboons on steroids and rose well above the proper or sane decibel, one tall blond guy looked my way. He seemed to be a more fitting model for me.”

“A few girls shrieked to my right as they gawked over the yearbook. Through all this noise there was nothing original. I had met every one of these people in horror movies countless times and all of them die at the end. ALL OF THEM.”

“I think his name was Ray and he is what some would call a dungeons and dragons dork, or triple d for short, but I am sure there is more to him than that. He seems nice and I once saw him help up a guy who had just had his books unceremoniously spilled all over the floor. Unfortunately his description of his project fit perfectly with his stereotype. As he spoke of treasure, knights, and dragons the class seemed to enter a trance. Some spaced out on their desks, some under their desks on their supposedly hidden cell phones. As for me I looked in the general direction of the blackboard where Mr. Reynolds, the only one that seemed to be listening to Ray, leaned on his desk. It was exactly 11:46 am.”

“They don’t get that there is a beauty in being active, or a comfort in feeling the oxygen travel from mouth to lungs and into the millions of red blood cells coursing through your body.”

“Just as I have successfully cleared my mind and hit my stride a cool breeze caresses my skin and another jogger comes up on my right. His hair is blonde and his blue eyes look like the clear water of the Caribbean. His legs are much longer than mine and for every one of his strides I have to take two to keep up. He is all lean muscle and as sinewy as a jungle cat. His skin is tanned and as I look him over I appreciate the work that must go into a body like his. I am a little surprised that I had never seen him running before, but as we kept pace each of us would increase a little until we had successfully turned our jog into a race.”

“Not to be outdone, this new boy kept pace. “You’re that confident? Do you want to test that little theory?” He asked and off we went in a full out sprint. We were perfectly synchronized and matched as we each pushed and pushed ourselves. The tress became blurs and there was no longer any time to worry about breathing and rocks on the path. This was bliss in the form of physical activity with an equal, and boy what an equal.”

“I also could picture her very clearly incinerating her hair inch by inch with a straightener in the name of beauty, according to her the better she looks the better the tips. “


Writing Journal/Blog

Starting– March 28, 2011

Starting this first draft has become a very difficult task. I have tried starting with a fresh start and continuing my original paper that was the inspiration for this project. Even though I have spent a lot of time trying to immerse myself into the mind of a Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), but I find myself questioning whether that is exactly what is standing in my way. I am currently trying to refocus on the character herself instead of on her illness.

Taking Advice– March 30, 2011

After a very helpful meeting with my faculty adviser for the independent study, I have a way to get th juices flowing. I will be performing writing exercises over the next few days to attempt to get through this aggravating writer’s block. I will be doing stream of consciousness daily to start and hopefully get to the point where I can write stream of consciousness from the perspective of my protagonist. Then I will be using writing exercises that I learned in Intro to Creative Writing and writing exercises that are posted on my adviser’s website for student use. If I get anything worth posting I will put it on this page also.

A Successful Break Through– April 4, 2011

Due to illness I was unable to do much work over the last few days, but I did have a break through of my writers block. After completing a few stream of consciousnesses, which is a writing exercise that entails the writer to write whatever is on their mind and not to stop for a period of time, and moving on to a stream of consciousness from the perspective of the protagonist I was finally able to get in the swing of things. I have since completed a story arch plan, and a family tree of the “selves”. I have also started a possible chapter from the point of view of the managerial self, Amelia. Writing exercises really work world!

Another Bump in the Road– April 6, 2011

While I have had a break in my writer’s block I seem to be having trouble transferring the writing from pen to keyboard. While writing with my pen and paper it seems to flow out of me, but when I am in front of the computer the keys are intimidating and the flow stops. So I have decided to continue writing with pen and paper until I have entrenched myself completely inside of the characters’ minds. Until then I will be utilising the computer for other things like organization.

Diagrams Galore– April 8, 2011

To help me stay organized and on track I went into Microsoft word and created a few charts. The first was a “Story Chart“. This had sections for setting, characters, outcome, problem, and title. The next diagram was a “Personalities Diagram“. This was done so I could keep the different personalities straight and so I could picture them easier. In the past I have done tables that fulfilled the same purpose, but this is a new format that feels more creative to me.

The Time line-April 11, 2011

My biggest weakness in writing is that I get sucked into a story and get stuck on tangents and therefore lose the plot. I have trouble getting my characters to the climax and then the end, because I tend to fall in love with all of my characters and don’t want to stop. To help me stay on track and follow the story arch better I have created a plot with a time limit. The personalities will spend a month writing. there will be chapters from different points of view and in the end Emily will discover her disorder by reading the finished product. Emily will apear in the beginning, a few parts in the middle, and the end, but this will not be a story where the disorder is “cured” and the personalities are “integrated”. The ending will be Emily submitting herself to psychiatric care.

Voices in my Head– April 14, 2011

As I continue my drafting something magical is happening. I am starting to hear the character’s voices in my words on the page. Without being consciously aware of it I have begun to develop a style of writing for the characters that I have started. Emily’s voice is a little mundane and philosophical. In my writings of her point of view the subjects are usually the abstracts or she is usually making some sort of grand generalization about life, or specifically time. Amelia’s voice is very different. Amelia is uses a type of sarcastic descriptiveness in her musings. Amelia is also very grounded in the physical world, so abstractness is not her forte.

Minor Characters Becoming More- April 18, 2011

So In have created a type of routine in my writing. I start my writing by picking a character in my story and doing a stream of consciousness in their point of view, or more specifically their voice. This has helped immensely with getting a handle on Amelia’s very unique voice and has led to the creation of characters that I had not planned on. The first time that a character popped up out of the blue was when I was drafting the second chapter from Amelia’s point of view and the image of a blond jock came into my head. I’m not even sure of his name, but as I wrote down Amelia’s observations of the people in the school, this one guy stood out. I’m excited about what this minor character will turn into, maybe an enemy or even a lover. We will just have to see what my subconscious cooks up.

Romantic Approach– April 23, 2011

I have slowly found myself siding with the romantic period belief that writing is an organic experience. While I have used certain habits, specifically streams of consciousness, I never know when I will be writing every day. Sometimes it is in the morning and sometimes it is late at night. As I go deeper into the story I find that my patterns are becoming more and more erratic. I am now carrying my notebook to every class and jotting things down constantly. With all this inconsistency I firmly believe that writing is an organic process and needs room in a persons life to morph and change as it goes. Maybe the Romantics were on to something.

The Encroachment of Romance– April 28, 2011

I am having a lot of trouble staying away from the event of a romantic interest. The idea was to leave hints to possibilities of a romance later in the novel, but I am feeling a very strong need to leap straight into the alluring feeling of a romance between my main character and either her teacher, the geek, or the blond jock… Too many choices….

The Seperation of Reality and Fiction– May 16, 2011

In the last week I have had to learn a hard lesson. Sometimes real life can completely take you by surprise and successfully rip you from the wonderladn of fiction. Last Monday my grandfather was taken into the hospital and told that he needed a triple bipass. So for the last week I have been making the hour drive from Colchester to New Haven daily. Although I thought that I could keep up with my homework and this story by bringing it to the hospital I found it impossible to work in the hospital. Another tragedy also stood in my way in the last week.

Also on last Monday I dropped my laptop, successfully breaking the screen and losing the majority of my work from this semester. This meant that I had the job of retyping over ten written pages and finding alternate computers to type on, which made working at the hospital even harder. So all in all I have learned that even the best laid plans can be totally disrupted and thrown out the window. 


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