App Project

This project with Adobe Illustrator was to create an idea for an app and the illustration of the icon that would represent this app. We learned about and used clipping masks, tracing, the pen tool, gradients, layers, and transparency. We were required to do three apps in total.

In general this project was not only fun but useful. On top of learning the aforementioned tools I also learned what works well and not so well on a small item. This meant that I dealt with layout and colors very carefully. I also had a lot of fun coming up with the concepts.

The first app I designed was called “Literature Love Quotes”. In theory this app would contain all the quotes about love in classic literature that could be searched based on friendship, pets, family, and romance. This app came from the fact that valentines day was right around the corner.

The second app that I thought of was a game called Stinky Cheese Man: Catch Me if You Can”. This app came to mind, because I had just finished a unit on the book The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales so I wanted to do something with the character. In this game the player is the Stinky Cheese  Man and they follow their character through a maze of characters like the cow and the little girl.

The third app was called “Shelter Search”. This app was a searching device to find animal shelters in your area and then to show the available animals for adoption.

To view the final products please click on the link below, labeled weikelapps.



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