Snowboard Project


This project was purposed to combine all the skills that we have learned through Adobe Illustrator. The requirements for this project were for us to have three completely different top and base designs. We also had to create a snow shirt that matches each design. This project also served to demonstrate a culmination of all the skills we have learned in illustrator. Some specific requirements were to create and save at least one color group and brush. I ended up saving over three color groups and on brush.

My first snowboard design was based off the World Wildlife Foundation. I drew a panda using the pen tool and created a brush that made bamboo shoots. I also drew a killer whale with the pen tool for the top. The “WWF” on the top is a stencil font that I turned into outlines in the illustrator file. For the background of the top and bottom I used a gradient that I created. I ended up really liking the top more than the bottom. If I were to change anything it would probably be the bottom. If I did this again I would create a scene that had to do with the killer whale to create more cohesiveness throughout the board. For the snow shirt I used the gradient for the top on the background, put bamboo shoots on the sleeves, two killer whales on the front, and finally the same “WWF” from the top of the board.

My second board was called “tribal king”. This board featured a skull with a crown and a very large mouth filled with flames. For the bottom I drew the skull piece, the leafy background, and the flames in the mouth of the skull with the pen tool. For the top I used the chalk duster font to write “Tribal Devil” in front of a flame background. To create a flame I drew the outlines and filled them with varying red and yellow gradients. For the leaves in the background I drew one with the pen tool and filled it with a gradient. Then I used the rotate tool to create many different looking leaves in the background. The shirt for this snowboard was very similar to the board. On the front chest area there was “Tribal King” written in chalk duster, a miniature version of the skull, and the same leafy background as the base of the snowboard. The sleeves feature the leaves leading down into flames at the cuff of the sleeves.

The last snowboard design was inspired by my upcoming cruise. It features two beach scenes. The base has a very large palm tree that I drew with the pen tool on the right side and the image of a surfer on the waves. I created the beach, sea, and sky background with the gradient and the surfer was an outline that I drew with the pen tool and then I used the pen tool to simulate waves in the water. On the top I created another surfer, but this outline was of a surfer holding his board and standing on the beach. On either side of the surfer is a line of palm trees that are miniature versions of the one on the base. Finally I copied the wave simulations onto the base and applied all my clipping masks to everything. The snow shirt for this design had the scene from the base on the chest and then a line of palm trees at the bottom of both sleeves.

For the link to the snowboard designs click the link below:


For the link to the snow shirt designs click the link below:



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