Campus Activities

Writers and Illustrators for Children and Young Adults

This is a brand new club on campus. We do work shopping with each other and have put on two big events this semester. The first was the reading by Eastern Alumni and published young adult author, Elaine Alexander. Elaine also did a presentation on the process and frustrations of getting a book published. The second event was a screening of the documentary: The Library of the Early Mind. We also set up a panel discussion for afterward with the director and Professor Fraustino.

In Spring 2011 I found myself the president of this club and spent most of the time acclimating to the position. This semester focused on bringing members in for the most part.We did this through networking and events like bake sales.

During the fall semester of 2011 we planned and executed a few exciting events on campus. The most exciting by far was a long visit with the writer M. T. Anderson. Anderson was on campus for three days. During these three days he taught two master classes and a presentation on campus as part of the visiting author series. Anderson also made time to meet individually with WICYA club members to discuss one piece of writing each. I not only learned an immense amount during his visit, but I also had the pleasure of performing his introduction during his presentation on campus. Another event that was held during this semester was a joint effort between WICYA and the Student Athletic Advisory Committee. This event was titled the “Haunted Happening” and featured a place for local children to come and enjoy crafts, physical activities, photos, and many other things. WICYA supplied a large back drop that the kids could take photos in front of. WICYA also got to do face painting for the kids. for photos of this event feel free to visit the WICYA wordpress site.

During my last semester, spring 2012, I decided to step down as president to give another hardworking executive board member a chance at the position. I also did this so other board members who will be around the following semester could get experience in leadership positions. While I stepped down from president I did maintain an executive board position by becoming secretary. During this semester the executive board is focused on pursuing a trip to the NESCBWI conference in Springfield, Massachussettes. To do this we had to hold multiple fundraisers throughout the semester.

English Club

During my sophomore year and the beginning of my junior year I had wanted to join the English club, but found that the meeting times were never during a time I could do. During the spring semester of my junior year I found that the meeting time was set at something doable. So far I have found the club immensely enjoyable and regret not having joined it sooner.

Niejadlik RHA

This association is what comes up with all the events and decides all the details of the semester. Through Fall 2010 to Spring 2011 I have been involved in this group. We fund weekly knight spots, which are held every Thursday at ten and are a place where residents can come eat and interact with other residents. In Fall 2010 we also put on a building wide Assassins game where people had other people for targets. When a player got their target by either a small squirt gun, a sock grenade, or permanent marker mark they inherited their target’s target. This went on until there was only one person standing.

Habitat for Humanity

I was in Habitat during Fall 2009 and Spring 2010. The reason I stopped was, because I could no longer attend meeting times due to class. I participated in the yearly Shack-A-Thon, where we slept outside in boxes for 24 hours.


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