Novel Attempts


Tigersword– This novel attempt was my first of many and is lacking much of the story simply because I never transcribed all of it to the computer, so there are in actuality about 100 handwritten pages to this story.


The Flame of Night and Day– This has a few more pages than the previous piece, but what is special about this piece is that it was my first year doing NaNoWrimo. NaNoWrimo stands for National Novel Writing Month. The participants attempt to write 50,000 word novel from midnight on November 1st to midnight on November 30th. I of course did not reach that goal in the month, but fell in love with the tradition. So I attempt every year.


Moon Academy– This is by far my favorite and most extensive piece. This novel is 95 pages and 52,514 words. Unfortunately I did not reach the goal by November 30th, but the kicker is that this piece is still not done. It needs a lot of editing, but I think it has potential.


NaNoWrimo 2009– this was my second attempt at NaNoWrimo, and unfortunately I made little headway. This was due to the fact that it occurred during a very busy time in my life where classes had to take a priority.


My Life– This is a start to a short story collection about a girl named Katelyn and her friends. It is supposed to be a collection of emotional, funny, and sad times in adolescence.


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